Creighton Chemistry Faculty and Staff Photo
2015 - 2016

2015-16 Chemistry Department Facculty & Staff
Front row, from left: Dr. Sharon Solsky, Dr. Jess Gunn, Dr. Erin Gross, Dr. Eric Villa, and Jiro Fujita
Second row: Dr. Lynne Dieckman, Dr. Eric Haas, Dr. Julie Soukup, Dr. Nicole Kaufman, Dr. Mike Anderson, Dr. Mark Freitag, Dr. Dave Dobberpuhl
Third row: Dr. James Fletcher, Pr. Javed Ali, Sandra Leighton, Dr. Fran Klein, and Pr. Peter Stone
Back row: Dr. Steve Gross, Dr. Mike Miller, Dr. Bruce Anderson, Dr. Marty Hulce, and Dr. Gary Michels

Not pictured: Dr. Holly Harris and Dr. Brad Parsons