Events in the Life of the Chemistry Department

Autumn Semester 2004
Spring Semester, 2005


The Creighton Chemistry Faculty and Staff, 2004 - 2005 See larger pictures

Welcome new faculty members: Dr. James Fletcher, Dr. Erin Gross, Dr. Stephen Gross and Dr. Michael Miller


Welcome Class of 2005!

Welcome picnic for new faculty members, Drs. Steve Gross, James Fletcher, Erin Gross and Michael Miller (See pictures)

Trenton. (Click here)

Spontaneous Lunch Outing. (See pictures)

Chemistry Club v. Biology Club Football Match. (See pictures)

Chemistry Club Hayrack Ride and Picnic. (See pictures)

Melodious Musichemical Manifestation, November 3 and 4, 2004, in celebration of National Chemistry Week. (See the pictures.)


Baumann Scholars announced for 2004-2005 . (Link to Baumann Scholarship page)

Chemistry Christmas Party, December 7, 2004. (See the pix)


Chem Club and some faculty members go bowling. (See pix)

Chemistry Club sees Dr. Snipp in Christmas Carol, December, 2004.
(See larger picture)


Last class all together for the Class of 2005

Chem Club Goes Ice-skating, February, 2005 (See more pictures)

Farewell for Tracy, 21 February, 2005 (See more pictures)


Chem Majors Gone Wild , April, 2005 (See larger picture)


22nd Annual Chemistry Field Day, 23 April, 2005 (See pictures)

Senior Awards Banquet, 6 May, 2005 (See pictures)