Dr. Juliane Soukup
(402) 280-3265

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B.S. Chem., Creighton University - 1993
Ph.D., University of Nebraska Medical Center - 1997

Juliane Soukup, PhD

Professor, Biochemistry

I have a general interest in my laboratory in nucleic acid structure and function. We are investigating both natural and in vitro selected RNA and DNA molecules. Utilizing Nucleotide Analog Interference Mapping (NAIM) we are investigating the important functional groups within ribozymes, deoxyribozymes and riboswitches that are needed for the activity of these molecules.

In order to identify direct contacts between riboswitches and their ligands we have utilized Nucleotide Analog Interference Suppression (NAIS) in a unique way. In our studies NAIS combines the use of ligand (riboswitch metabolite) analogs with interference modification to identify sites where modifications that previously caused interference with the normal ligand are tolerated with ligand analogs.  These studies have allowed us to determine essential contacts between riboswitches and their ligands.

Recent publications (note J.K. Strauss and J.K. Strauss-Soukup are Dr. Soukup)

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